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Anonymous asked: What do you think about white guys?

They alright.

Anonymous asked: The guy who liked the question where you posted your snapchat was a gun toting libertarian.

Idk. I deleted that post, what he likes guns? Is that it?

Anonymous asked: lol a gun toting libertarian wants to send you snaps


Anonymous asked: Lets take a moment and admire u mussi. Seriously u are the best iraqi girl i adore. Nd i need more friends who are real like u. Ur funny nd tough nd just god loving.

Aha, this made my night, thanks baby ;) holla if you want to be friends. I don’t bite :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! im iraqi,im from kirkuk. how r u?

What’s good baby, kirkuk taj al raas ;) I’m good Hun.

« Bitches come & go, you know that, money come & go, You know that, love come & go… Don’t shit last. »

- J. Cole (via xpensive-queen)

(Source: kingsxoqueens)

Anonymous asked: Omg why do people assume bad about you!?

Idk, idc.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever get hurt when you get anon hate?


Anonymous asked: I just love ur damn face.

Lol, thanks babe.

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