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Anonymous asked: Sunni or Shia I would never disrespect my Muslim sister.

That’s how it should be sweetheart ;)
Bless you.

fuckingmoveon asked: I really don't wanna look through your anon hate in order to get to what you stand for. I don't care if you're Shia from Iraq. How does that have anything to do with what you stand for. I'm sure we both want freedom for Syrians and Palestinians but my question has nothing to do with your religious sect. If that's where you wanna end it, that's fine. Salamat.

Okay baby, calm down now. I did not refer to no sect, or anything about my anon hate, I don’t know how you came up with that. I was referring to posts I reblog, my wishes to pelstianans and Syrians.

Lol i think you just to my answer to your question far.

A true Muslim dose not want war, death, or anything brutal to his fellow brothers and sisters in the middle east.

Take care hun ;)

fuckingmoveon asked: It was a simple question I asked without anything malicious behind it. I don't know why you're taking it farther.

I ain’t taking anything farther honey
My blog and username says where im from, and im a Muslim like you, go through my blog im sure you’ll get a grip of what i stand for.

It’s pretty obvious what my stance is on Syria and Palestine.

fuckingmoveon asked: Salam, I'm curious to know what your stance is on the situation in Syria and Palestine.


Idk why you consider asking me this question, when clearly im from a country thats also being slaughtered, and bombed. I stand for the rights of every Syrian and Palestinian.

(Gaza> Iraq >Lebanon> Syria)

(Gaza> Iraq >Lebanon> Syria)

Anonymous asked: LoOl omg your anons need to realize no matter what they send you dont even give two shits. Ur like the only iraqi girl on tumblr thats targeted by hate. Screw them your amazing mashallah

Lol, they’ll realize it soon.
Thanks sweetheart, and i know hopefully they’ll get off my back because, their wasting time.

Anonymous asked: Lol proud Shia Muslim looooool. So hilarious.

Straight up proud.
Take your pussy self off anon, and come at me if you’re that hard honey.

Your life is hilarious.

Anonymous asked: Your sister is even worse than you smh

And you’re a judgemental ignorant ass smh.

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