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i-just-got-a-dollar-and-a-dream asked: Insh'Allah everything will be fine! Stay strong, he will be in good health.

Thanks sweetheart, inshallah..

rena-xx asked: Habibti, I'm so so sorry to hear that about your dad! Duas for him, InshAllah. <3

Thank you sweetheart. Allah bless with khair.

shi3atmuhammad asked: Salaam Zaina! Any news?!

No, nothing..

It’s driving me insane. My uncles are planning to go to Anbaar and Ramadiyah where the bombing was, to track him. Im hoping we get some news.

sogandzakerhaghighi asked: Azizam I just found out. He's in my prayers and thoughts ❤️

Shukran habibity, Allah bless you.

43v3rth3d0p3st asked: Stay Strong, Allahu aalam ❤️ your fathers in my duaa's, the strongest soldiers are given the worst hardships. Inshallah he'll be returned to you guys safe and sound. ❤️

Allah Kareem, thank you so much baby. I appreciate it, I have faith that god is watching him.

iwontgiveupthisfight asked: My thoughts and love go to you and your family in this tragic incident, has your father returned home yet? Always here for you xxxx

Thank you sweetheart, may god bless you for this. It truly gives me hope, please do keep him, and other families who sre going through hardship in your prayers.

Bless you.

Anonymous asked: Sent a prayer for your dad. May god keep him safe and return him home to you guys xxxx

Thank you so much.

May Allah reward you.

I truly appreciate this.. everyone is making me have at least a little light in me.. Thank you.

littlenub asked: I sincerely hope your dad will come home safely. You and your family will be in my prayers, stay strong <3

Thank you so much. May god bless you, and your family..

verypuresoul asked: your dear father is in my duas. Stay strong sister, stay strong and trust in Allah (swt). He will help you through this.

Thank you honey.

I appreciate the Dua. It means lot I swear..
Thank you.

breema asked: Salamu Alaykum sister, I'm sorry to hear about your father I hope he comes home soon and safe inshallah, until then he'll always be in my Dua. You just stay strong!

Thank you so much love..

Inshallah no one gos through this. May god protect ever family, and father from harms way.

Bless you.

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